Friday, September 11, 2020

Being in the World Podcast 023: On Darkness and Britney

Dr. Patrick House & Tao Ruspoli discuss Britney Spears, mental health and how it is weaponized against women, death, darkness, Prince, Schopenhauer, pessimism, boredom, the need for an audience (or lack thereof,) and Viking funerals.


  1. People with autism are still abused in the name of treatment using behavior modification techniques that are 60 years old. Someone should do a documentary on that. Newer research-based, less costly, more effective and more respectful approaches exist but the field is controlled by behavior analysts and studies can't get published. Paris Hilton just exposed the "behavior modification" schools she was sent to as a teen, which were abusive - this is the same thing that is accepted for autism still today (but would be considered abuse for a non-autistic child).

    1. It's crazy how that is still going on in schools